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October 27, 2011

Drug Abusers Exploit Medicare Program

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     I don’t know how they do it.

     I speak of the persons who bilk Medicare’s prescription program to feed their drug addiction, or to sell painkillers for profit. But they do:

Abuse of prescription medications is a fast-growing drug problem, particularly entrenched among teens and young adults…The Government Accountability Office found that about 170,000 Medicare recipients each received prescriptions from multiple doctors for 14 frequently abused medications in 2008.*


     Scammers doctor shop, that is, they visit multiple physicians to accomplish their purpose. The doctors who write the scripts often don’t realize their patients are visiting other physicians to get the same medications…Medicare appears to be hamstrung in confronting it…


     Don’t patients need to use their Medicare identity cards to accomplish their goals? Doesn’t a patients record show these multiple visits?

     I guess I’m just not a good scammer. I wasn’t able to get a prescription filled one day after the following month—I tried to get a July prescription filled on August 1, and was refused.

     In my case, I was overdue in picking up my prescription because I was traveling (after three weeks they restock the medication). Before we left my husband tried to pick up the prescription but it was “too early.” When we returned, they told him that they would refill it, but neglected to do so.  When I went in to pick it up it was August 1, and they refused to fill it, even though it was their negligence that caused the problem.


     I’m simply an ordinary Medicare patient who doesn’t understand how scammers operate. It seems they should able to be discovered.





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