Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

October 28, 2011

Homelessness: Inside and Out



     They allow themselves to feel nothing rather than to feel their pain. Their abandoned places are within them.

     These are the homeless.

     As such, the homeless know no economic boundaries. They are in the city streets. They are in the suburban cul de sacs. They are in rural farmhouses. They are in mountain hollows.

     They live in cardboard boxes. They live in little boxes made of tichy-tachy on the hillsides. They live in spacious mansions.

     What is homelessness? Is it the epidemic lack of community? Is it feeling alone amidst a crowd? Is it gathering with others but not being in relationship?

     I often wonder at the number of persons who tell me they have no friends, yet they are surrounded by others who also have no friends. Why cannot they reach out to each other, build relationship with each other?

     And how does one solve the problem of homelessness? How can the cup of homelessness, the cup of emptiness, be filled?

     That is the question of the day.



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