Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

November 4, 2011

Car Hits Deer: No On Hurt




     It was 7:18 p. m. last night when my husband Monte just called. He’s doing a good deed for a neighbor, Dan, who needed to pick up his car in Somerset, Pennsylvania, on top of Laurel Mountain. That meant Monte had to drive one of the cars home. He ended up with the Prius, which, as a duel-energy (battery and gas driven) drives differently. I know, because I have practiced driving it on our community’s gravel roads in case I need to use it to pick up kids at school.


Cute? Not when it dashes in front of a moving car...

     A deer ran out in front of him and glanced off the front hood. It apparently survived, because it kept running and disappeared.

     Monte pulled off the road in front of some company, and a car from the company approached him.

     “What happened?” a man asked. He was a guard at the company.

     “I hit a deer.”

     The guard said he knew something happened, he heard the hit. He pulled his flashlight out and the two men examined the car. There was a little bit of fur on the car, which the guard said not to remove—it was evidence that any damage was caused by hitting a deer. Then he gave Monte his phone number in case the insurance company had any questions.

     Monte called me from the accident site so I could let Dan know why he was delayed.

     Dan wasn’t home yet so I left him a message to call. When he rang I asked him if he wanted the good news or the bad news first.

     “The bad news.”

     “Monte hit a deer. He’s not hurt and the car is OK.” I’d forgotten to ask about the state of the deer.

     “It happens. At least it wasn’t bad enough to cause the airbags to react,” Dan told me.

     Monte arrived a short time later. He, Dan and I gathered to see the damage—which, for hitting a deer, was minimal. The hood on one side had a few dents.

     “That’s amazing,” Monte said about the minimal damage. “It was a big deer.”


     However, that wasn’t the end of Monte’s adventures on his drive home. As he entered Laurel Mountain Borough and drove on White Oak road another deer ran in front of him. This one he didn’t hit. I was glad, because we didn’t need a double-header.

A visitor in my yard


     I will return to writing my novel for the NaNoWriMo. Yesterday I wrote exactly 2000 words.





Battling squirrels at bird feeders I: to fight or join them

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