Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

November 6, 2011

A Birthday Conversation With My Friend Pat





     Today is the birthday of my high school friend, Pat. She is almost one month older than I am. I called her to wish her happy birthday and to let her know her birthday gift is on the computer ( Pat ).

      I’ve been writing limericks for my sisters and bro’s this year, and will continue for others next year (see the POETRY category at ). Of course, some names are more difficult than others to write the limericks, but then, I digress…

     Pat and I used to play a game on my friend Michael, who thought she was twins. We never really told him it was a game. He still believes she is a set of twins.

     The irony, Pat said, was that her first child was identical twins.

     We had a nice conversation reminiscing on a couple of incidents that occurred when we were younger—a trip to New York City, traveling to Columbus, Ohio, where I worked at the then Doctor’s Hospital…

     Pat was one of my bridesmaids. Her first husband died in his early thirties, leaving her to raise four children.  Her second marriage came with one step-child.

     Monte and I moved to another state, so, while we didn’t lose contact, we weren’t able to raise our children together.

     We talked about our children and husbands through the years—her situation and my sister’s situation were so similar, blended families with troubled children.

     I’ve been lucky to have one long-term friend through the years, as I’ve moved from community to community.

     So today I wished Pat a happy birthday. And made sure that she knew that that one month older than I didn’t mean she was so much wiser.




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