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November 7, 2011


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     I don’t know who the “speaker” was or what the topic was. All I know is I walked in the room and heard “child abuse has exploded since the 1970s” followed by “100 percent of the population stopped saving in the 1970s.”

     I looked at Monte and said that that person had just lost all his credibility by making two false statements in a row.

     First of all, child abuse didn’t “explode” in the 1970s. The way society began defining child abuse changed. As the definition broadened. Children were being redefined away from being the property of the father. Behaviors that existed for generations, for centuries, were brought into question and defined as child abuse. Ergo, an explosion of child abuse incidents. But believe me, child abuse existed before the definitions were extolled.

     Secondly, people in the 1970s DID save. My husband Monte and I were among them, as were family members and friends. Perhaps there was a decline, but 100 percent of the population could not be defined as non-savers.

     Speakers need to cue themselves into making credible statements.

     Like I said, I don’t know who I was hearing—I was in the middle of a project and otherwise occupied—but if I ever identify him, he doesn’t have my support.



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