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November 11, 2011

Veterans Day 11-11-2011


VETERANS DAY 11-11-1911

“Far too many Americans observe Veterans Day in shopping malls, and far too many of our school kids think of it as just a holiday,” said Westmoreland County commissioner Chuck Anderson, a retired Marine colonel. “It’s a day to honor those who died and those who we are blessed to still have with us.”*

     Veterans Day offers me an opportunity to remember the veterans in my life, to place a United States flag along our woodsy path that will honor each of them, and a larger flag to honor the ones I am not aware of.

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 an armistice between Germany and the Allied nations came into effect.

On November 11, 1919, Armistice Day was commemorated for the first time. Congress changed the word “Armistice” to “Veterans” in 1954 and November 11 became a day to honor all American veterans, where ever and whenever they had served.

     Non-combat veterans include my late father, a Chief Naval Photographer in the Navy. Due to divorce, I didn’t grow up knowing him.

     My grandfather also served in the Navy. He then worked on submarine repairs as a civilian.

     My uncle John (Jack) Briskay served a term in the Navy also. As a small child I recall admiring his uniform. It was so crisp and white. He was a hero to me then, not necessarily because of his military status (which at that age i didn’t understand), but because he was my favorite (and the only) uncle.

     My step-brother Michael Lipsius was a casualty of the Viet Nam War. I didn’t know him either. I only met him a couple of times.

     Then there is Charles Walker, a Lamoine, Maine, resident who fought with a Kansas regiment in the Civil War. I’m still trying to get him recognition in the form of a gravestone. However, it requires a piece of paper stating where he is buried, and there is none**.

     I’m not certain about the other veterans in my family. Were there veterans in the Rugh family in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania (Michael Rugh—Jacob Rugh—Michael Rugh wed Elizabeth Raymer—Elizabeth Rugh— Mary Rugh Cubbage wed William Cornell).  

     For the defense of our country, I honor these family veterans on this day.


*   Veterans learn of services, importance of mentorship, Jennifer Reeger, Greensburg Tribune-Review, Nov. 10—2011, pp B1

**RIGHTING A CIVIL WAR WRONG: A Gravestone for a Civil War Veteran



RIGHTING A CIVIL WAR WRONG: A Gravestone for a Civil War Veteran


Flag Man (Bob Cornell) Shivers

Pearl Harbor: A 1942 Radio Broadcast Script


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