Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

November 12, 2011

Comments Made At Ligonier (PA) 2011 Veterans Day Event





     The theme of the Ligonier, Pennsylvania, 2011 Veterans Day was the Vietnam War.

     Some scattered comments heard at the event:

Miscellaneous comments:

  • Let us translate the notion of war into the notion of peace
  • In tolerance there’s progress—progress into a better world
  • Just as there is bravery in war, there is bravery in peace
  • We have the courage to work for a better life
  • There is a  voluntary discipline of citizenship
  • We never properly thanked our Viet Nam servicemen for their service
  • The unpopular war’s frustration experienced by the American people was taken out on the Veterans of the Viet Nam War
  •  I believe the Viet Nam War was a turning point in history, as to how Americans treated veterans

From a Viet Nam veteran:

  • ·         The first official death of the Vietnam War occurred in 1959; the last occurred in March, 1975
  • ·         Being in Viet Nam was extremely difficult, especially for the infantry. Soldiers went into battle in a somber mood.
  • ·         It was scary, extremely difficult, because every step you took could be your last
  • ·         The military had to deal with various bugs: leeches, spiders, mosquitoes
  • ·         We were just ordinary men doing our job. Don’t call me a hero—I was just doing my job.
  • ·         I only knew one woman who served in Viet Nam, she served there for nine months.




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