Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

November 15, 2011

Buying a New-to-Us Used Car



Red-bird weathers a winter storm

     It rained today. Mid-morning.

     It rained while my husband did a final cleaning out of our red Dodge Stratus. The red-bird had to be put down to rest. It was tired. It told us so each time we had to pull off the road to let the water in the radiator cool. It happened the first time in Winchester, West Virginia, a trip we took to visit with my husband Monte’s sister Grace and her husband Bob at the end of October. The snowbirds stopped there on their travels from Northern New York to Florida.

     It happened again on our way home.

     Monte took it to our mechanic, who couldn’t diagnose the problem but took some action on what the cause might be.

     It happened again. And it kept happening—especially if we drove uphill, or stopped at a traffic light. Monte took the red-bird to the mechanic several times, but each effort to diagnose the problem proved fruitless.

     We drove the car to Washington County, Pennsylvania, where Monte did an in-home baptism for a family we know well. We had to stop several times on the ninety-minute trip home. We stopped by Ruffsdale Elementary School, and then in a church parking lot (click on the top link on the ADDITIONAL READING list following this post to read what happened there).

     At first the problem occurred about ever couple of hours. Then every hour. Then every half hour.

     The solutions the mechanic was suggesting were becoming quite expensive. Was it worth it?

     Yesterday found us at the car dealer where we had purchased the red-bird. On the way to the car dealer red-bird needed to rest every twenty minutes.

     We checked out some cars—narrowed it down to three—and finally test-drove the one we thought would most likely suit our needs.

     I will note here that I hate purchasing cars. I know nothing about them and consider it an expensive risk.


     We made arrangements to switch the cars today. They would take red-bird (for parts) and our check, and we would drive off with a new-to-us used car. It’s a 2005 silver Hyundai Sonatra. Red-bird will go to peace in the parking lot of the car dealer. It served us well since we bought it new-to-us used in 2003.

     The lights in the Sonatra ceiling work. The headlights are bright.  It’s a little more comfortable for my now aging body.


     As we welcome it into red-bird’s parking space, I hope it will serve us as well as red-bird did.

     Now, all I have to do is adjust to driving it. See ya!



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