Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

November 16, 2011

Renewing Friendships From Former Communities



     It’s been an interesting first two weeks of 11-11 (November 2011). I’ve had contact with someone from numerous communities I’ve lived in.

     On Saturday evening Kim visited. When Kim was a teenager she lived across the street from us in Hallston, Slippery Rock Township. She was in 4-H with my kids, and participated in piano, dance, and guitar lessons that were held on our property. She recalls swimming in our pond and the food pantry located in the basement of our apartment building. Her husband Dan came with her.

     Noah met Kim at a church in New Castle, where he lived when we met him. He called our house after the church where Monte was pastor, Emmanual United Methodist Church, hosted a national child abuse speaker, Phil Quinn. I invited Noah to the parsonage to view the tape, and we have developed a friendship through the years.

     Because I had spent the day at Ligonier Valley Library (while pictures from a photography show were taken down) it was decided we would eat at Ruthie’s Diner. Then we adjourned to my house, where two neighbors joined us (we get together sometimes on Saturday evenings). It was fun watching the neighbors learn more about two of my past lives.

     Rhonda and Tom were our neighbors in Connellsville. Our friendship with them took root in neighborhood problems and then neighborhood activities (block party and co-hosting a German exchange student). We became further involved in their lives when I took senior and wedding pictures for them and Monte became their pastor. A couple of weeks ago we traveled to their daughter’s home where Monte baptized their granddaughter. This weekend they needed help printing pictures, and they were at our house—and once the picture problem was solved, we had dinner at Ruthie’s Diner.


     The other contacts were made by landline telephone.

     Mike, from Connellsville, called me out of the blue. We talked for a long time, catching up on several years of news. She is considering moving to the area and we discussed the positives and negatives of both Ligonier and Latrobe. She needed to know which community would best meet her needs. She is excited that there is both a writers and photographers group that meets in Latrobe.

     Jackie, who I knew in Jamestown, and who now lives in Arizona, called. We also hadn’t spoken for quite a while, so we caught up on the news of our families. Her mother, my good friend Pat, is in a nursing home having had many difficulties. Jackie wants me to call her—and now that my disastrous whatever-it-was bug is just about over, I need to follow through.

     Phredfred, who lives in Alabama, calls on a regular basis. We met him in Atlanta. A professional clown, he came into our lives when Nolan was struggling to recuperate from a serious appendectomy experience. Nolan had taken a clown class (he was eleven years old) that winter, but Phredfred wasn’t in it. However, he came to the hospital to brighten Nolan’s day, and became a family friend.

     I chatted with Nancy Lee, who, of course, lived in New England and Buffalo, New York, as I did. After all, we are sisters (who grew up together). We discussed Dancing With the Stars and the following program on an interview with the Giffords. Nancy Lee has struggled with recovery from a stroke and her recovery was similar to that of Gifford, which was discussed during our conversation.

     Speaking of sisters, my new-found sister in Chicago, one of my newest long-distance friends, also called. We only came to know each other in mid-January this year. Our mother released her for adoption when she was an infant.

     It’s been truly nice to reconnect with persons from my past lives. And a pleasure to do it before the holiday season, the time when these connections are typically made.



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