Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

November 17, 2011

Methodist Ministers’ Chorus Sings in Ligonier





     Musical notes sometimes floated spiritually and sometimes bounced energetically throughout the sanctuary of Heritage United Methodist Church this evening.

     The Western Pennsylvania Conference United Methodist Ministers’ Chorus presented a program, In Sacred Concert, at the Ligonier church, located in the center of town on the Diamond.

     Music was sung by a men’s chorus, a woman’s chorus and a combined chorus. Twenty-eight singers, fourteen men and fourteen women, raised their voices to Wake Up, Church, Wake Up!, written by Pepper Choplin.

     Once those in attendance woke up, the director, Steve Morse, announced that the second song scheduled for the chorus to sing, Fairest Jesus, would be skipped. They aren’t ready, he said of the chorus. I thought they knew it.

     We do know Fairest Lord Jesus, a chorus member’s voice piped up.

     Lord isn’t in the title, Morse retorted.

     Morse said he was finishing his first year as director of the chorus. They respect me. You can tell. He then explained that he reserved the right to stop a piece of music and start it again. I know from experience that if two groups aren’t in sync it’s best to stop and start again.

     Several times throughout the program Mors emphasized how much the chorus liked to sing. When the individual choruses sang, they gathered around the piano because, as Morse explained, we like the accompanist and we want to be around her. The combined chorus gathered together in the front of the sanctuary.

     Chorus members, dressed festively in red knit, short-sleeved, collared shirts and black pants, gave a hint of the upcoming Christmas season.

     Those who didn’t attend the concert missed an enjoyable evening. They can redeem themselves by attending the chorus’s February 16, 2012 concert at the First United Methodist Church in Greensburg or the April 19 concert at Mt. Zion United Methodist Church in Elderton (Indiana County).



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