Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

November 20, 2011

Energize Yourself With A Foot/Toe Massage



     One way to energize yourself is a foot/toe massage. The bottoms of the feet contain seven thousand nerve endings, making them the energy control room of your body, according to reflexologists.

     The toes, specifically, contain energy meridians linked to the head region.

     Gently pull the toes, pressing on the tips of each to stimulate the brain.*



     But anyone who knows me knows you DO NOT touch my feet, especially the bottoms. Do so and I won’t take responsibility for your injuries caused by my instantaneous kneejerk reaction: a goo swift kick to whatever happens to be in the line of fire. Often, it is the toucher’s face.

     I can vouch for the fact that this is true.

     While in Atlanta, Georgia, I broke my leg. I won’t say how—it’s too embarrassing. The following day found me at the bone doctor. His nurse came into the examining room to do a pre-exam. As she innocently grabbed my foot she immediately found my foot in her face. I explained to her that NO ONE touches my feet without a great risk of bodily harm.

     Before we had the opportunity to inform the doctor of the situation he too was the catcher of a swift kick. He never touched my foot again.

     Thus, reenergizing through foot massages and toe pulls is not in the cards for me. But if you enjoy it, please proceed. You just might improve your life.


*Woman’s World, November 7, 2011, pp. 3



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