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November 23, 2011

Why One Woman Stayed in an Abusive Relationship




     A Jeanette, Pennsylvania, woman who was beaten within an inch of her life told a jury she has no recollection of the attack.*

     Jennifer Hix said she remembered drinking beer in a friend’s apartment earlier on the July day she was allegedly hit in the head by her boyfriend, Timothy Lenhart.

     “I don’t remember anything that happened after that,”


     True, Hix had been drinking, as had Lenhart, who was on trial on charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault, assaulting a police officer and other related offenses.

     An eyewitness told jurors earlier this week he saw Lenhart stand over Hix and swing a frying pan at her.


      A physician testified that Hix sustained nasal fractures, facial swelling and at least one broken rib. Ong, though, testified he could not rule out that Hix’s injuries resulted from her falling down while heavily intoxicated…

      According to Hix, since late 20007 Lenhart would routinely physically and verbally assault her during their stormy relationship.

     The Assistant District Attorney asked Hix why she continued to see Lenhart.

“I thought I could fix it,” Hix testified.


     There are many directions this story could go, including:

  • Why do women remain in abusive relationships? They return an average of seven times before they leave.
  • What role does alcohol play in domestic violence—do abusers abuse because they drink or do they drink to excuse their abuse?
  • How can we reach women who are drawn to abusive relationships?
  • How can we heal women from past abusive behavior perpetrated on them?
  • Why is the focus on women’s behavior rather than men’s actions?

 SOURCE : Jeannette woman claims she can’t recall attack, TRIBUNE-REVIEW
Thursday, November 3, 2011



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