Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

December 1, 2011

Christmas Holiday Decorating




     And the weather outside is delightful…

     Every year we’ve lived here I’ve envisioned the numerous pines, rhododentrums, and mountain laurel trimmed with bright Christmas bulbs and other outside decorations. I also dreamed of decorated wreathes and garlands on the house.

     Each year I’ve waited until after Thanksgiving to do the trimming. And each year I ran into two roadblocks: cold weather and children too young to help much.

     This year I decided to trim the trees before Thanksgiving and only set aside the pear tree and an azalea bush for the boys. And this year fate smiled on me.

     The weather after Thanksgiving Day has been very nice, temperatures in the fifties. And the boys are old enough to stick to the task at hand. Plus, they enjoyed climbing on the ladder and tree to place the ornaments as high on the pear tree as possible.

     The decorating, begun before they arrived, continued after they left. Today my husband Monte added the outside garlands and hung two wreathes. Meanwhile, I trimmed three more to be hung out tomorrow.

     We also took the new Christmas tree out of storage. Although our other tree is too big for this house, it was perfect for the previous two parsonages where we lived. They were quite large, with plenty of room. This house is a former cottage with a small living room. We needed a tree that was almost a pencil tree. So after Christmas last year we found one on sale. I put it together and am straightening out its branches, preparing them to receive lights and our treasured indoor ornaments.

     I will also arrange the white ceramic nativity set in the corner window on our front porch, with a light above for evening viewing by those persons lucky enough to wander by.

     The end result is a home that is finally, for the first time, adequately decorated for the holidays.

     Now if I could only get my hand made cards done…



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  1. Looks very festive! I enjoy my walks past your yard.

    Comment by Gladys — December 4, 2011 @ 10:26 am | Reply

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