Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

December 7, 2011

Is Each Snowflake Truly Unique?




     The splendor of the first snowfall of each season awes me. This awe is stretched to infinitesimal levels when I realize that each snowflake is unique, not matched by any other snowflake.

     The pronouncement that no two snowflakes can be the same was made by Vermonter Wilson A. Bentley, a farmer. He had a passion: snow crystals. His acting on this passion was what led him to this conclusion.


     “Snowflake” (Bentley’s a. k. a. moniker) combined a bellows camera and a microscope and used it to snap more than five thousand photographs, which he found match-less. He determined that each snowflake is unique due to crystal-forming possibilities.*

     Although we had a little snow earlier in the season—just enough to whiten the ground and melt away swiftly—snowflakes haven’t arrived yet this year. We are predicted to have forty inches of snowfall this 2011-2012 winter season. How many trillions of snowflakes will fall just this season a person can only guess. I wonder if Snowflake is correct in stating that crystal-forming crystal-forming possibilities allow each snowflake to be unique.

     Either way, I will be outside during the first snowfall, sticking my tongue out to catch a few of these white wonders. Perhaps I will even make a snowman this year. I will enjoy that first snowfall but will come to want the white-flaked precipitation to quit after the third event.

     In spite of his being considered crazy in his time, 1865-1931, the Old Red Mill, a museum in Snowflake’s town, Jericho, preserves the spirit of a Yankee Original.*


Houses convey the majesty of the past, Jack Markowitz, April 7, unknown year, Greensburg Tribune-Review




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