Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

December 13, 2011

All’s Not Lost Re Bernie Fine



     Sex abuse allegations against Bernie Fine, fired assistant men’s basketball coach at Syracuse University, cannot bring charges. The legal statute of limitations on the claims of two men bar prosecution.

     In spite of this a New York district attorney found the two men who brought the charges are credible.

     However, all is not lost. People are now on the alert to watch Fine’s actions and thus are able to prevent him from being near children he might do harm to.

     Meanwhile, over forty years have passed, offering the coach time to reach more boys with his poison—if, in fact, he is guilty. And meanwhile, the claims of another accuser, Zach Tomaselli, 23, of Lewiston, Maine, do fall within the statute of limitations and are being investigated by the U. S. Secret Service.

     Too bad this information couldn’t have come to light in the within the five year limitation period that was the law of the time.


Alleged victims in Syracuse case credible, DA believes, Greensburg Tribune-Review, December 8, 2011, pp. A4


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