Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

December 20, 2011

Journal: December 20, 2011



     Today began slowly, since I woke up three times last night. My plans for the day included picking up a book I’d ordered—a neighbor’s brother wrote it, she picked it up from him, and it will be a Christmas present for my son-in-law. Then I planned on heading to a drugstore in Latrobe where they have a print sale, fifty pictures for $5.99. It works well with my Christmas gift for the grandsons. I had run through seven years of their pictures last night, and before I left this morning I weaned them down to twenty five photos each. The  album I purchased for them holds ten, so each will have fifteen more for another small album after choosing which ones they would like to speak to in the gift album (it has the capability to speak into it, recording a story for each photo).


     Arriving at the drugstore, I positioned myself at the kiosk, slipped my flash drive in, and discovered that the machine didn’t consider folders. The pictures were jumbled with a great many more on the drive, and it was impossible to sort through them. This, after I had carefully sorted what I needed to print into neat folders (the drugstore I usually use will present pictures by folders, but it didn’t have the great sale price and it was much further away).

     Perhaps due to the great number of pictures on my flash the kiosk crashed. It had to be turned off and rebooted. Meanwhile, I renumbered the fifty pictures so I could identify them in the masses of other pictures.

     I removed the flash drive and attempted to drop the unneeded pictures onto my laptop, but the laptop is full. No room for the pictures.

     After the machine rebooted I tried again.  The kiosk crashed again, so I pulled out the flash drive and thought of another way to accomplish my goal. Meanwhile, before the busy store clerk could reboot again, the kiosk set itself back to the beginning step.

     I pulled out another flash drive. I was lucky. It had lots of space so I dumped the pictures I wanted onto it, and removed the few pictures it contained onto the original flash. Then I chose the particular pictures, edited them, and ordered them.

     The kiosk wasn’t printing the pictures. Help, I notified the clerk. She reassured me that they were being printed in the back of the photo area, not on the kiosk up front. It would take a half hour or forty-five minutes.


     I decided to go to the Chinese restaurant several stores down from the drugstore. The Goldenwok (in the Latrobe 30 Plaza) treated me very well, even when I said I just needed a place to relax, and perhaps to write, while I waited for the pictures. I ordered a pot of tea and an egg roll, with apologies, and then discovered my phone was dead, so I couldn’t call Monte. I took it to the car to charge it and returned to the Goldenwok.

      The egg roll was delicious, just the touch I needed for comfort eating. The atmosphere was calming and pleasant.

     As I readied to leave the Goldenwok the waitress presented me with a fortune cookie, which I didn’t expect because I wasn’t behaving like a regular customer, but someone who just needed a place to crash for almost an hour.

     I spent my time in the restaurant writing this post.

     I left, picked up my pictures and went on my way.





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