Carolyn's Daily Posts: 2011

About Carolyn’s Daily Posts: 2011

Carolyn C. & Monte W. Holland: 2008

     My name is Carolyn Cornell Holland. I live in a small Southwestern Pennsylvania community, Laurel Mountain Borough. It’s name is almost as long as its population count!

     In my current life, I am a writer. Although I began writing at Kensington High School in Buffalo, New York (as my press card attests to: (, my writing was only an ancillary and supporting aspect of my “real” work (medical lab technician, human service worker—adoption, domestic violence), a craft business, and family day care proprietor.

     Currently my writing focuses on a historical romance novel based on real-life characters unearthed through genealogical research. Its settings include Revolutionary France; Alexandria, Virginia; British Guiana, and the New England coast—particularly, Lamoine, Maine. Its time frame is 1785-1845. The historical background involves the Scioto (Ohio) Land Grant, a sub-grant of the Ohio Land Grant, and land grants in Maine. Posts relating to this work-in-progress are located at in the category HISTORIC NOVEL. Additional posts concerning this article are in the categories 1790s BACKGROUND, 2008 NEW ENGLAND, and NEW ENGLAND. 

      My paid writing credits extend back to 1990. I’ve been a freelance photojournalist at the Greenville Record-Argus; the Meadville Tribune; the Greensburg Tribune-Review (the Fay-West, Ligonier-Latrobe and Focus Magazine sections); the Ligonier Echo and the Latrobe Bulletin.

     I am published in the Westmoreland County Historical Society magazine; Penned from the Heart, Vols. 9 & 10; Entourage; Farm Show; the Lincoln Highway Journal; Devo’zine; and Virtue Magazine.

     During my first year of working with blogs I managed the former Beanery Writers Group site. The site was sold, and its new owner changed it so drastically that I felt it could no longer meet the needs for the Beanery Online Literary Magazine. However, that site ended its first year with 48,000 hits. An additional 7,000 hits was accrued at my personal writing site with the same host.
     It took time to reestablish these two sites, Carolyn’s Compositions & the Beanery Online Literary Magazine, with the new host, wordpress (  & ), readership again grew steadily and strongly.

     The posts on this site, my sixth site, are primarily written by me.  

     I invite visitors to comment on the posts on both sites, and to submit writing to the Beanery Online Literary Magazine (through email to with “SUBMISSIONS” in the subject line). Email for Carolyn’s Compositions can be sent to .

     Photo illustrations for my posts are located at:


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